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Chloride Baptist Church is 130-year-old church (one of the oldest churches in Arizona) in the living ghost town of Chloride, AZ. We are a warm and loving church and we want you to feel comfortable and at liberty to call on us for a wonderful church. Our desire is to create a Christ honoring church that presents the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God in a way that draws all people to Him. We desire to produce disciples that will actively produce personal evangelism and Christian service.

We are located in Chloride, Arizona (Mohave County) just off Golden Valley. We have Sunday School for all ages. Our morning service mixes hymns and choruses for a service to reach all people. Pastor Ralph preaches verse by verse and book by book, so that the whole counsel of God is taught. We have five times of Bible study each week that use the same verse by verse and book by book style.

We believe that if you want excellent exegetical Bible teaching and a genuine loving church family in Chloride, AZ or the surrounding area of Golden Valley, then Chloride Baptist is a church you should prayerfully consider. Check out pastor Ralph's sermons on this site.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and absolutely true. Jesus is the Son of God that exists from eternity past. That Jesus died to pay for our sins and is the one and only way to redemption and access to the Father. We believe that salvation comes by grace and not works. For the complete list check out our beliefs page.

If you find yourself in Chloride, AZ, Golden Valley or Mohave County, we invite you to visit us here in Chloride, Arizona off Golden Valley in Mohave county.

We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, Arizona Southern Baptist and River Valley Mission Network.

Contact the church at office@chloridebaptistchurch.com.

Contact the Pastor Ralph at pastor@chloridebaptistchurch.com

For regular mail send to P.O. Box 65 Chloride, AZ 86431. If you have been blessed by our website, would you consider helping us keep it available to everyone. We believe that your tithe belongs to your home church, where you are fed and fellowship. But if you would like to help us with an offering, we would greatly appreciate it and use it to spread the gospel message.

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